You know those dreams we all have once in awhile, where you wake up and it just seems so real? I awoke to such a dream this morning. Now, remember, it was a dream and some of it was unexplainable. But that is why they are called dreams, instead of reality. I was walking through a mall with this woman, younger than I. The mall was closed, it was as if it had yet to open for the day. She was wearing a bikini top and a wrap around her waist (I know what you are thinking! Remember, it IS a dream!). We were looking through some kind of bin in the center, like what Walmart has, except we were in a mall. I can tell from the dream that we were dating, but were not a yet a couple, we had yet to even kiss. I know this because while we were looking through the stuff, I leaned down and kissed her and to my suprise she kissed back and we kept going through the stuff as if that was how it was supposed to be. No big deal, just a quick yet not too quick kiss. In that 2-3 seconds we kissed, we both realized we had just taken a step forward. We were no longer 2 people hanging out together, we were now connected, albeit because it was so new a thin connection. But we were now a couple, and we smiled a little bigger, had more spring in our step. It was at this point I woke up and the dream ended and reality came back to me. But for just a moment, I was once again in Love, and it was good. I never know for sure if dreams are messages from God, or just a manifestation of something we want or need or fear, but I do know this dream tells me I have not forgotten what it means to be in love with someone. That is something I hope I never forget how to do.

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