Work isn't everything

Stop looking to be fulfilled at work, advises financial expert Stephen Pollan. "We're taught to follow our passions, and the money will come," he explains, "but fulfillment should come from your personal life, not your job." Pollan, 75, says a job should be seen as something that supplies income and security and hopeully is something you do well-not as a substitute for experiencing life. In Fire Your Boss, his new book, Pollan says to put yourself in charge of your working life. Everyone is replaceable, so you should be cultivating skills and looking for the next job.--from the Sunday, May 23rd, 2004 edition of Parade magazine.
This is what I am doing now. I was so focused on doing my job with perfection that I burned out and neglected my family. It is just a job that earns me money so that I can do the things I truly want to do.

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