Today's menu.... I spent all week wondering what delicacy I would treat the family to this week. This morning Mother came out and showed me two salmon fillets she had gotten from the butchers shop. The store had whole salmon on sale but instead of the 20 cases they were supposed to receive, they only got 3. So in exchange for a product they did not have, she got this for $2.99/lb! What a deal! Hope this wets your appetite! p.s. the one in the center with the chunk missing was my test piece to check for doneness. enjoy. Posted by Hello


Lady Charisse said...

Looks delish...was it as tastey as it looks? If so, you willing to take a road trip and come cook for me for a night or two?

pauliemac said...

It was even better than it looks! And sure, you just tell me when and what you like!