"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." I thought this a good time to list my goals for my future. Whether this is what truly happens I have no way of knowing. 2 weeks: I wish to be working with my old boss, Bruce. 6 months: I want to be in a position to return to Rapid City to retreive my belongings. I also think that by this time if Tammi and I have not reconciled a divorce should be final so that we may move on with our lives. 7 months: I want to be able to move into my own apartment. With my credit history I feel I will need to save up 3 months rent upon move-in. 1 year: I want to have most of my bills caught up or paid off. 3 years: I would like to be in a frame of mind to pursue a long term relationship with someone. Of course just being in a frame of mind does not guarantee I will meet someone. But I think this will be long enough to be able to recover from heartache and possibly allow myself to trust someone with my heart once again. 15 years: I want to be able to move somewheres (Rapid City?) where I plan to spend the remainder of my life. These are modest goals and of course are subject to change, but at this time this is the plan I have set out before me. Even the best laid plans can be changed without a moments notice. I should know, I had my life laid out before me and Tammi took it all away in a split second.

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