Pretty good day...

"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." Well, I really think things are starting to look up and go my way. Talked on the phone with Bethany for awhile last night, just catching up on old times. She has reassured me that any friendship we might have in the future is purly platonic. I told her, all I am looking for right now is a friend to go do stuff with, and since she is still into photography (which I got her into, by the way), she would be a good fit for that kind of friendship. If she wants to go shoot pics, great, if not, thats ok too. I am still going to go to festivals, carnivals, picnics, etc. whatever I have to do to get out of town and do stuff. I got a tripod and a case for my portable cd player from mom and dad for Christmas. More than I expected as money is tight and I have nothing to give back, at least not right now. Talked to Tina today, she is taking Jess to the "Ranch" on Tuesday for a looksee, Jess will have to go back to CYS until a bed opens up at the ranch. As soon as she is settled in I will get on a schedule to go see her at least every other month depending on the cost of plane tickets. 8 hrs is a long time to drive for just a day trip. I finally got an email from Tam's brother, Steve. He told me to hang on, he had not forgotten me, that he is going to be selling a car to pay for the washer/dryer as soon as he can. So I believe him and I thanked him for letting me know about his situation. I am feeling so good now, since I have found a job. And I am enjoying the job immensely. I think because it is something I have done before and the fact I am very good at it, I can just relax and do my job. Also, I no longer worry about being fired or messing up. I know what I am capable of and if a manage does not want to take the time to figure out what I am about, then I don't need him. I will always figure out a way to get by, so I am just not going to worry about stuff. And by not worrying I make it easy on myself to do my job. Dad and Sister are taking critter to the vet tomorrow, I am worried he will not last a few more weeks if we dont get him some help now. I am going to pay for it. At first I figured it would cost a few hundred dollars, but sister found out it was $35-$45 for the visit, so I said go ahead and lets do this. Life does get better when you maintain faith and work hard. He helps those that helps themselves.

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