This is good and it describes what I have been trying to do...

"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." Which is working on what I did wrong and correcting it.

5 Foolproof Ways To Win Back Your Past Love by Brettani Webb Sometimes circumstances can separate a couple that is truly otherwise meant to be together. These circumstances can include anything from misplaced emotions to bad timing. Unfortunately, the heart doesn't always understand reason. If you are still harboring affection for a past love, and you want a foolproof plan to win them back, this is the article for you. A word of caution: the infallible plan I propose will work only if love between each of you truly exists. So, if you are sure fate has locked the two of you together, read on with an open heart. With that forewarning out of the way, the rest of the advice is simple: take a risk. Allow something of yourself to be exposed and vulnerable. Put your heart, your reputation, your pride, your…whatever is dear to you… on the line. Make it big! Chances are that if you are reading this article, the separation was mainly your fault. If a person is not able take responsibility for their part of the demise in a relationship, they aren't ready to take the steps necessary to repair it. If there truly isn't blame to be assigned, then a bit of romance should remedy your problem. For the rest of you, it's time to get extreme. Some of you need to prove your love and devotion. Others may need to make a lifestyle change or prove their loyalty. Below are appropriate fixes to common break up scenarios. Something about the way you live is intolerable to your partner: Everyone has their limits. Did a habit or part of your lifestyle become a major concern or a negative focal point of your relationship? Now is the time for you to decide whether keeping those habits or lifestyles is more valuable to you than your past partner. There are many reasons for each side of a situation. The best way to approach this is to break it down simplistically. Make two lists of pros and cons. Your headings should be something like: 1. Ridding my life of whatever it is that tormented him/her to get them back. 2. Keeping the conflict causing variable and letting go of my ex. Under each heading, make sure to include physical, emotional and mental advantages and disadvantages as well as simple or superficial bits of reasoning. Try to include everything good and bad. After you've completed both sets of pros and cons, go through and circle the statements or words that really mean something to you. Which of these things give meaning to your life, inspire your mind or are essential to your own moral code? On the cons lists, circle which of those listed are detrimental to your aspirations, emotional state or strength as a person. After completing this exercise, you should have a pretty good idea of what choices to make. If you decide that having your love back is much more important to you than whatever was bothering them, winning them back after the problem is resolved should be a cinch. One cautionary word of advice: prove the strength of your new lifestyle to your love, as well as to yourself by taking some time to settle into it. Rushing things will only hurt your chances; I promise you that. They doubt your love, commitment or future together: Research by watching as many romantic comedies as you can handle. You should soon see a pattern of what the opposite sex desires. Then, construct your own plan of action. This plan is usually a mix of risking your heart and your pride. Every good romance has a dramatic scene where the one begging for another chance serenades the other from their yard, no matter their talent, and wakes all of the neighbors. Drama, drama, drama is the central idea here because this relationship complication is easily fixed by sweeping the object of your desire off of their feet. You've done something wrong: Whether it is a big oops or a little one, you must make sure they know it won't happen again and that you have taken every precaution to ensure that it doesn't. Couples with this problem often break up under strict, "I wont talk to you or see you at all" rules, so you may have to wedge yourself in where you can…their friends and family. How else will they know? Give their loved ones a chance to share with your ex just how much you love them, how sorry you are and how committed to repentance you are. Then, when you are sure that they have had time to think, make them an irresistible offer. An irresistible offer can be anything from chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne and Scrabble surprise at the front door to an invitation sent to work for a night of opera and roses. Choose whatever will be so enticing to your love that they won't be able to resist. You've done that something wrong…again: If you do something twice that merits a break-up, it is becoming a habitual oops at this point and you should consider making a lifestyle change (see first solution) to prevent future mishaps. There is rarely a valid excuse in this bracket because of the severity of the consequence. Doing your part in making a relationship work is a life long endeavor; so remember that along with your fresh beginning there needs to be a real change. Consistently treat your partner with the same courtesy and fidelity that you wish to be treated and your destiny will unfold accordingly.

At some point she may read this and realize that I love her enough to grow as a human, that I want to correct my part in this situation. Then that might get her to thinking that I am not Alton or Marty and that what we had was worth saving. Only then will she possibly start to believe in us again.

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