My love for her blinded me to her needs...

"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." another poem..

Hindsight and Heartbreak Before my eyes; my heart finally saw what truth there lies. It peered out of my spirit, gazed long and hard at the sights laid before it. And all the alibis and excuses- the subtle attempts will not cover the view. Reality, most painfully, peels it away exposing it's fragile chambers. It seems my heart desires the blindness so often succumbing to those lovely secrets; whispers in the dark and those gentle caresses which I feel so distinctly, but cannot clearly see inside misty passion that appears with the dawn. But as the lingering fog rises, honesty glares into the valley where reason steady beats carrying it's trusted lifeblood to the core; fantasy overflowing, bleeds no more. And the once soft, pliable center of me is rendered brittle within new vision Despising the wisdom that clear sight reveals, my heart, now hardened and cold and foolish curses all sweet illusions and desperate lies, as it shatters in pieces before my eyes.

My new vision does me no good right now, unless somehow she will have faith in me, and once again warm my heart.

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