spoke too early...

"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." came home from work tonight and found out critter is not doing well at all. seems he fell in the garage and was laying on the cold floor all day. dont know what made him fall or if he was already having trouble. he is barely hanging on right now and i dont expect him to live more than a few days at best. work is going well, i am having more to do and keeping very busy. at least for right now this job is perfect for me and my abilities. got another email from bethany last night. i was not sure she would stay in contact after our phone conversation last week catchng up on our lives. but i did and i was glad. i have a friend now. i returned the email and sent another short one this morning. have not heard back, but then i dont expect to be in contact every day. i am so looking foward to buying my camera. if all goes well, i will purchase it next tuesday. not sure if i will pay for overnight shipping. one website is offering about the same price as the others but with free ground shipping. i will make that decision next tuesday. my ankle is finally feeling better. i dont know what has been wrong with it, but yesterday i felt a "pop" inside the joint and ever since then it has not hurt as much and i have been able to walk pretty much normal. there is still some pain, but not like it has been for the last 3+ months. things are looking up.

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